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If you're having problems with your skin or would like to know how to prevent or reverse the signs of ageing, talk to us. Whether it's about treatments or products, we're here to help. (Charge is redeemable against purchases of products or treatments). Rs.200/-
Eden Organic Face Lift
A true organic experience. This facial uses 100% organic products with holistic based massage to give a natural and effective facelift with skin reviving results. A unique blend of acupressure, Indian face massage and lymphatic drainage help to detoxify the skin whilst improving circulation and muscle tone. The build up of tension in the scalp, face, neck and shoulder areas is released and the muscles are re-trained to give a natural lifting result along with a de-crinkling effect on fine lines and wrinkles. The gorgeous organic products hydrate and condition to help leave you with a glowing complexion and firmer, smoother skin.
Price Rs.2500/-
NSFL System
Remember the time when you were at school?
Tight skin, radiant looks, wolf whistles? Relieve those moments again today.

What’s more this non surgical facelift system comes fully backed with an air tight money back guarantee, so you don’t have to risk your hard earned money.

Look younger or get your money back.

Price Rs.3500/-
New U
Shape the face of your dreams
Wear a smaller & slimmer face that you long to have
Tighten your skin for an instant brow and eye lift
Smooth wrinkles and lines
Restore your velvety radiant complexion
Lift neck and facial contours for a younger looking you

A revolutionary beauty treatment that combats and prevents the visible signs of ageing, New U offers your skin a pleasant, non-invasive workout that lifts your facial contours while strengthening and toning the muscles beneath your skin.

Women often only consider creams, serums and masques for their skincare - yet the skin is supported by a connective tissue of collagen and elastin fibers which need a workout like the rest of our bodies do. So why not take half an hour to relax and enjoy a gentle deep tissue facial massage that provides an innovative solution to defy the signs of ageing and is adapted to suit even the most delicate of skin types.

New U increases the firmness of your skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin hydration levels, thus preventing dryness and sagging and loss of skin tone.

From the very first treatment you will experience the feeling of wellbeing that comes from youthful, healthy skin as you begin to discover a firmer and younger looking you.

Packages start from as little as Rs.2500/- per treatment.

New U Radiance Only Rs.2500/-
1 x New U treatment plus Exuviance High Performance facial Rs.4000/-
Max 3 LED Light Therapy
Restore youth to mature skin
Encourage cell rejuvenation
Calm red capillaries
Calm inflamed and blemished skin
Energize and promote youthful, radiant skin
Prevent the first signs of ageing

Have you met Max?
A revolution in skin care technology, Max 3 is a painless, non-invasive and non-abrasive light therapy treatment for facial skin rejuvenation that works with your skin's natural balances to achieve results.

Max3 rejuvenates your skin using a scientific process that applies seven wavelengths within the visible light spectrum to send regulated light into the dermal layer, setting off a frenzy of cellular activity to produce softer, clearer, more youthful looking skin. This LED technology was originally developed by NASA to improve wound healing and tissue growth in space. Now the innovative Max7 technique is used to deliver safe and effective skin care treatments for all skin types in a truly natural way.

Max3 treatments are painless, non-toxic and readily compliment many other treatments. Max3 treatments can be purchased as a package for optimal results or combined with your favorite Life facial, massage or pedicure. To find out more book in for a FREE, skin assessment which includes a facial cleansing and a professional skin evaluation.

Prices start from as little as Rs. 3000 when combined with another treatment. Or for optimal results customized packages are available to treat a variety of specific skin conditions.

An Encounter with Max Only Rs. 600/-
1 x Max3 treatment plus an Indio facial Rs.3000/-
Derma Roller Skin Therapy
For improved, brighter, firmer and fresher skin
Derma Roller therapy is a form of skin rejuvenation and is an ideal treatment for improving your skin. It’s a wonderful way to treat acne, scars, stretch marks, aged and sun-damaged skin of all skin types, including darker skin tones. For skin that has lost its plumpness or is looking tired and sagging around the jaws, it is an effective anti-wrinkle skin care treatment .

What does Dermaroller skin treatment involve?
A small roller covered with micro-surgical needles gently penetrates and stimulates beneath the dermis, enhancing the blood supply to the area, thus promoting new skin cells and generating more elastin and collagen in the process causing the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally but safely. Regular derma roller sessions help to encourage an on-going healing process. Some patients have noticeable skin rejuvenation results within 7-10 days after the first treatment.

If you are planning to have a Dermaroller skin treatment before your holiday remember to leave three days before flying for your skin to rebalance before sun exposure.

The total treatment should take approx 1 hr 15 minutes including prepping and consultation.

Price Rs.3000/-
For best results Eden Wellness recommends 1-3 treatments 6-8 weeks apart.
Oxygen Facials. Loved By A-list Celebs,Make-up Artists and Dermatologists
Youth Elixir O2 Facial
1 hr

21st Century skincare science floods the skin with 180 million nutrient particles a second of pure oxygen gas, vitamins A, C, E and essential minerals. This cascade of micronised nutrients revitalises every skin cell pore by pore, banishing fine lines, wrinkles and dehydration. The result is an instant fresh rejuvenated skin, glowing with good health that looks younger and younger with every treatment - a natural facelift!

Price Rs.5000/-
Facial Peels
Anti Ageing AHA Rapid Exfoliator Facial
25 mins

This facial is perfect for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. AHA's and antioxidants boost skin cell renewal to reveal fresher, smoother and younger looking skin. Includes a gycolic peel to accelerate the removal of dry dull skin and instantly reveals softer, more radiant skin. The 25 minute treatment is great if you're in a hurry or watching the pennies.

Price Rs.1000/-

Renewal Peel
35 mins

This original glycolic peel is designed to accelerate the removal of dry and dull skin while deep cleansing and re-texturising all skin types. It instantly reveals softer, smoother, more radiant skin and is a great pick-me-up for the client in a hurry, or for those with more sensitive skin.

Price Rs.1500/-

Revelation Peel
35 mins

This alpha/beta customised peeling system has been clinically proven to improve fine lines and wrinkles and to clarify skin tone and texture by up to 47%. It is specifically designed to stimulate cell renewal and provide intense skin rejuvenation for all skin types without irritation or dryness. The custom "intensifiers" individually address your most stubborn skin care concerns.

Price Rs.2500/-
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