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During every minute of every working day, our team of hairdressers makes our clients feel good & look great. Eden is a Schwarzkopf partner salon who provides us the technical know how to enable us to achieve our goals. We take our inspiration directly from the international catwalks, delivering tomorrow looks, trends & styles tour clients today.

Eden has the finest team of stylists, colorists & treatment professionals in the area for your hair needs. Our salon is open 7 days from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm. Please call 011-25156966 to discuss your needs.

For best results

We would like to offer a few insider tips for an optimally satisfying Beauty Parlor experience:
  • Always arrive a few minutes in advance of your scheduled appointment to allow yourself time to check in, change into a gown, use the WC, and (of course!) to enjoy a refreshing pink lemonade while you peruse the latest offerings in our boutique.
  • If there is a look that you come across in a magazine or other photo that you would like to adopt for yourself, do not hesitate to bring the photo in to show your stylist. Even if the look may not work with your particular hair type or be flattering to your skin coloring, your stylist will be able to adapt a more suitable look for you, but along similar lines. Showing your stylist photographs of styles or colors that you like helps the stylist to become more familiar with your individual likes and dislikes, which is always helpful.
  • Let your stylist know about any hair habits you may have, such as tucking your hair behind your ears or pulling your hair into a ponytail at any opportunity. Taking your habits into consideration will help the stylist to create the best do for you!
  • To guarantee that your hair is the length that you really want it to be at the completion of the cut, show your stylist with your hands where you require your length to be.
  • To ensure a precision cut and/or placement of color, sit up straight (see, your mother was right!), keep your feet flat on the floor, and look forward.
  • Update your hair products! Please know that your stylist would always be happy to make recommendations for products that will assist you in achieving your desired finish.
  • We respectfully request that you turn your cell phone off while at Eden. Cradling a phone on your shoulder does not lend itself to a perfect hair cut.
  • While we are on the topic of relaxation, we turn now to the pitter-patter of little feet. We love children. We really do. Some of us even have one or two of our own. But when it comes to their presence in the Beauty Parlor, we believe that less is more. And here’s why: As adults, we may find it fascinating, engaging, and fun to glamorize ourselves for hours on end at the B.P. And your youngster may find that it’s fascinating, engaging, and fun to watch you undergo your glamorization here…for about two minutes. So that you can relax and enjoy your experience at Eden without worrying about looking after your little heir/heiress the whole time, we kindly request that you make alternate arrangements for your child if you are going to be making a prolonged visit.
Coloring Services
Single Process
A Single Process creates one smooth, gleaming color from roots to ends, and offers 100% coverage of any and all natural pigments of the hair. A Single Process should be touched up every four to six weeks. Please allow at least 75 minutes for a Single Process. A Single Process ranges from Rs.2100/-onwards. please consult Our Stylists for more specific pricing details.

Double Process
If your hair color is too dark to achieve the color of your dreams with a Single Process, then a Double Process is for you! A Double Process is a two-step process that involves lightening the hair first and then tinting the hair to the desired tone. Please allow at least 120 minutes for a Double Process. A Double Process ranges from 2600/-onwards. please consult Our Stylists for more specific pricing details.

Glosses are less of a commitment than a Single Process, yet still long-lasting…an ideal way to audition a color that is brighter or deeper than your natural tone. Perfect for adding lots of shine to natural color or to Highlights that may have lost their luster due to exposure to the elements. Please allow at least 45 minutes for a Gloss. A Gloss ranges from Rs 2100/-onwards.Please consult Our Stylists for more specific pricing details.

With a Partial Highlight, selected sections of the hair are lightened to frame the face, add contrast to the color, or to lend more dimension to the Cut. When a Partial Highlight just isn’t enough, a Full Highlight should do the trick! With a Full Highlight, highlights are generally placed from the front of the hairline to the nape of the neck, resulting in a more evenly distributed sprinkling of sparkling color. Highlights should be touched up every ten to twelve weeks. Please allow at least 105 minutes for a Partial Highlight; Full Highlights will require at least 120 minutes. A Partial Highlight ranges from Rs 1200/-onwards and a Full Highlight ranges from Rs 2700/-onwardsplease consult Our Stylists for more specific pricing details.

Color Correction
Eden wellness to the rescue! A Color Correction will save your sugar, honey, iced tea if you’ve made a mistake attempting to color your hair at home (Oops!) or if your hair has been made a less than desirable hue for a photo shoot! A Color Correction may also be required by guests making a drastic color change and can involve any combination of Single Processes, Double Processes, Partial Highlights and/or Full Highlights. The price of this service is commensurate with the complexity of the correction.
The evolution in straightening and repair.

Simultaniously repairs damaged hair and aids blow-drying, making for silky smooth, frizz free and straight hair.

EDEN WELLNESS is proud to be the first Salon in Delhi to stock the revolutionary new straightening and repair treatment; KeraStraight. We have invested time into finding the best treatment we can and we feel that you can be assured this is the best on the market!

We have perfomed several of these treatments since we started in the winter and they have all achieved magnificent results. Read further to learn more about the miricle treatment that is KeraStraight or scroll to the bottom of the page to view the results for yourself.

KeraStraight originates from Brazil and works by straightening the hair via a Keratin treatment as opposed to chemicals. It leaves the hair in stunning condition and can be used on all hair types including highly bleached hair, which has never been possible before! KeraStraight will gradually fade out of the hair over 4 months to leave the hair as before, but can be redone more often if required.

How KeraStraight Treatment works on your Hair:

KeraStraight works by fortifying the hair with the power of white clay, Brazilian Keratin& 22 karat gold. Keratin is a natural compound found in hair, skin and nails and this protein is what gives the hair its strength. The effectiveness of the nanoparticles of Keratin is fortified via the addition of 22 karat gold. If hair is dull, dry and damaged, if it is curly, wavy, frizzy, overly voluminous or unmanageable, one application of KeraStraight will put an end to all that. It adds strength, elasticity and moisture resulting in smooth, soft, shiny and straight hair. The larger keratin molecules coat the hair cuticle and protect against environmental effects such as UV rays, smog, and smoke. Further damage to the hair shaft is thus prevented.

To begin the transformation of unruly, wavy or curly hair into sleek, beautifully soft & straightened, the hair is gently cleansed with a penetrating shampoo that opens the hair shaft. The hair is then completely dried before the KeraStraight Treatment is applied.

The treatment doesn’t need development time, except for on virgin hair where letting it sink in for 20 minutes helps it to penetrate through the outer layers of the hair. 100% of the moisture is then dried from the hair, before the ironing process begins. Using a 230 degree ceramic straightening iron, each section is ironed over 10 times to seal the treatment into the hair. As this point the hair is very hot, so a special comb called an Easy Comb is used which helps iron the hair direct from the root. Once all the hair has been ironed it needs to be left loose, product free and not shampooed for 3 days. The finished result is beautifully conditioned, healthy & shiny, straight hair.

Keeping Your Hair Straight for Longer:

To maximise the longevity of the treatment, KeraStraight have developed their ‘Straight Maintain’ shampoo & conditionerwhich are sodium chloride free. Sodium Chloride is in almost every other shampoo and would strip away the Keratin.

KeraStraight brings new life to your hair, even after years of damage.

We at EDEN WELLNESS are delighted to be able to offer you this true evolution in straightening & repair.
Cutting Services
Whether you desire a wee trim or a completely new style, your wish is our command! Please allow at least 45 minutes for a Cut. A Cut ranges from Rs 300/-onwards. Please consult Our Stylists for more specific pricing details.
Bang Trim
Because we want your hair to look its Eden best at all times, we are always delighted to tidy your fringe in between Cuts performed by our Artists – with our compliments. Please allow at least 15 minutes for a Bang Trim.
Conditioning Treatments
Treat your hair to a Bio Ionic/Schwarzkopf/Wella Conditioning Treatment, and watch beautiful, nourished, lush, shiny hair appear before your very eyes! After analyzing your hair, our artists will select the optimal treatment for your needs. Please allow 15 minutes for Express Treatments and 45 minutes for all others.

Nutritive In-Salon Treatments:
Nourishing Rituals for Normal to Dry/Very Dry Hair

Bio Ionic Express Treatment
Schwarzkopf/Wella Express Treatment
Bio Ionic Relax (Hair spa)
Schwarzkopf Relax (Hair spa)
Wella Relax (Hair spa)

Resistance In-Salon Treatments:
Strengthening Rituals for Weakened and Devitalized Hair

Repair Rescue Express Treatment Rs450/-
Age Recharge Express Treatment Rs550/-
Cure D’Elasticite Rs.2000/-onwards
Cure Volumactive 450/-
Kerastraight Treatment 6000/-onwards

The complete range of Schwarzkopf products is available for purchase at Eden Wellness Beauty Parlor, where a member of our team would be pleased to make recommendations for you based upon your specific haircare need
Hair Cut & Hairstyles
Hair Cut Fresh 500 - -
Trimming 300 - -
Hair Upstyle(BUNS) 650 Onwards -
Splitends Remove [Scissor] 400 - -
Splitends Remove [Candle] 500 - -
Pressing 500 Onwards -
Spiral Curls 550 Onwards -
Blow Dry 400 Onwards -
HEAD Massage Coconut 500 Onwards -
HEAD Massage Aroma 500 Onwards -
Full Body Massage 500 Onwards -
Back\Cervical massage 500 Onwards -
Regrowth Touchup 900 Onwards -
Clients Color Touchup 600 - -
Global Color 2100 Onwards -
Crown Streaking 1200 Onwards -
Full Streaking 2700 Onwards -
Perming 1500 2500 -
Glatt Straightening 3500 Onwards -
Straight Therapy 6000 Onwards -
Color Correction - Price is commensurate with the complexity of the correction
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