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Face Exquisites
These are intensive facials for those who need an extra lift. The effects are visible & can be felt readily, using some of the richest & most active ingredients available and effective techniques for the high performance results that every woman desires. Highly recommended for those who expect only the best for their face. These facials are well sought after for their effective and safe results against aging & other skin problems due to the stress of the modern living. Using natural ingredients from Europe, our facials are also a pampering way to keep your skin looking young & toned choose one that is right for your skin.
  • Full Body Massage Rs. 2000/-
  • Basic Cleanse Price Rs.1100/-onwards
  • Skin Refresh Price Rs.500/-
  • Aroma’s Detox Price Rs.500/-
  • Herbal Facial Price Rs.1300/-onwards
Eden Customized Facial
The best place to start for skincare tailored just for you. After assessing your skin's needs, we choose the perfect prescriptive procedure and products for best results. Gentle cleansing and exfoliation leads to a luxurious facial massage and treatment mask and finished with eye and face hydration and protection. A back and shoulder massage is also included for total relaxation.
Professional Specific Beauty Treatments
Hydrating Treatments
Dehydrated and tone lacking skin
Dehydrated and mature skin
Oily and problematic skin

AntiWrinkle Treatments
Preventive, for skin with first wrinkles
Mature skin

Firming Treatment
Skin lacking elasticity, mature
Toneless and sagging skin

Treatment for Skin Sensitivity
Oily, and problematic skin
Normal and sensitive skin
Mixed skin

Soothing Compress All skin types

Price Rs.2000-5000/-
Puractive Facial
Teens have special needs as they enter adulthood. The skin needs a deep pore cleansing to flush out impurities that can cause acne. Our treatment will include steaming & extraction for stubborn areas to control clogged pores & blackheads. A soothing mask will finish your treatment for smooth, healthy skin.

Price Rs.1500-2500/-
Puractive Treatment
Puractive is a complete & natural skincare range, free of mineral oils & ideal for skin that is oily, has dilated pores, impurities or unbalanced skin pH. Thanks to the interaction with plant substances such as grape fruit seed extract (GSE), Tea Tree & AHA (Fruit acids), the products of the PURACTIVE range Exercise an efficient, multiple phase action on the skin. Skin becomes visibly brighter, free of superficial impurities, more even, softer & smoother. To combat the effects of severe acne, we offer a speciality “Shock Therapy” facial. A series of six treatments in conjunction with a home regime will produce visible results.

Price Rs.3000/-
Derouge Facial
This facial is specially designed for the treatment of irritative, sensitive, reddened skin with couperose. The main function is Decongestive, soothing & repairing. Extracts of Rose hip, Bilberry, Hypericum & sweet clover protect & reinforce blood vessel walls & reduce the burning feeling associated with this very sensitive skin type. This facial, which includes a soothing mask, has an excellent anti-oxidant effect and leave you feeling renewed.

Price Rs.3000/-
Supreme Lift Q10 Facial
The immediate result of this Q10 facial are remarkable & a breakthrough in the beauty industry. It acts on the skin surface & in depth to the fifth layer of epidermis (first product of its kind to do so) to redefine the face contours giving a filling, firming & moisturizing effect like no other on the market today. Results are truly remarkable & noticeable. Your home care products will maintain the results of this exceptional treatment.

Price Rs.6000/-
Primaluce is an extraordinary line developed to exfoliate, whiten & clarify the skin. AHA’s, PHA’s & nanostructures combine to exfoliate, penetrate & transport active ingredients deep into the epidermis, making this treatment exceptionally effective, with deep & long lasting results. The primaluce specialty facial provides a smoother & more luminous, youthful, supple, clear, even, spotless & blemish-less skin. Recommended for all skin types, especially dull, prematurely aged skin with wrinkles & age spots.Also excellent for skin with impurities & non inflamed acne.

Price Rs.4000/-
This facial protects the skin from free radicals like smoking, UV rays, stress, cell metabolism & pollution, using the antioxidants of the new millennium with nanostructures. Vitamin C, Lipoic acid, and RSC helps in restructuring, vitalizing & anti-oxidizing the skin. This facial is recommended for people of the age 30+.

Price Rs.6500/-
Manicure and Pedicure Treatments
We can work some serious magic on unloved hands and feet! If you feel your extremities are not worthy of a second glance, then let us prove you wrong. Let us make you proud of the hardest working parts of your body - you won't regret it!

Top Tip: removing old polish before you arrive will ensure your therapist can use the full treatment time to work her magic. Don't forget to bring open toe shoes to wear after toe polish.

Shape and Polish
An express file and shape of the nails finished with polish or buffing (please tell us whether it is for your fingers or toes when booking). Price Rs.150/-
Pedicure Treatments
Perfect for those with limited time, this speedy treatment tidies cuticles, shape nails and finishes with gleaming polish or natural buffing.

The Hand Treat (Regular)
A luxurious treat for beautiful, silky & younger looking hands after all the household work. It is a most delightful treat, and is suitable even for those with sensitive skin. It’s also definitely a wonderful treatment to buy as a gift for beloved wives & mothers.

Silky hands treat with scrub and mineral mask.

Manicure Rs.250/-Onwards.

35 mins

For tidy toes in a flash, this rapid pedicure tidies cuticles, shapes nails and finishes with simple nail buffing or glossy polish.

Perfect Pedicure
55 mins

The full works for your feet! Includes soothing, warm soak for feet, removal of the inevitable hard, dry skin and after thorough cuticle work and nail shaping, a cream massage to your feet and lower legs relaxes body and soul. Natural sesame oil extract within the cream treats the skin to leave it soft and supple and we finish with natural nail buffing or your choice of polish from our selection of seasonal colors.

Pedicure Rs.300/-Onwards.

Personal Maintenance
It's hard looking good all the time but investing in yourself is not just advisable, it's essential! Don't do it for anybody else, do it for yourself because, as clichéd as it sounds, you really are worth it!

The Beautifying Waxing
Waxing at Eden is an experience. We're quick, professional, friendly and we believe that waxing is an art. Hygiene, technique and attention to detail are paramount in providing the best service and results. Our treatment rooms are impeccable, our wax equipment squeaky clean and our therapists are all trained the ‘Eden way' so standards are higher than high. We even offer two types of wax for certain areas as we strive to reduce the ‘minor discomfort' that we all put ourselves through to achieve and maintain fashionable hairlessness! Once you've tried waxing at Eden, you won't want to go anywhere else !
Regular Wax
Advanced Spanish Wax
We have researched and specially formulated, ‘advanced Spanish wax' to reduce discomfort for those who find waxing a particularly sensitive subject! You need to try it to believe the difference... particularly for bikini waxing and although it is more expensive, it's worth the extra pennies to reduce the ‘ouch' factor! Our Advanced Spanish Wax also gets shorter hairs that otherwise would be missed by regular wax. It does take a little longer and requires a therapist with extra special training, so please be sure to specify when booking your appointment.

Top tip: exfoliating the night or morning before your appointment will give better results! Hairs must be at least 5mm long for successful waxing.
Lip Rs. 30 Rs. 50
Chin Rs.50 Rs.100
Full Sides Rs.60 Rs.100
Full Face Rs.160 Rs.350
Underarm Rs.100 Rs.150
1/2 Arm Rs.150 Rs.350
Full Arm Rs.300 Rs.450
1/2 Leg Rs.200 Rs.350
Full Leg Rs.350 Rs.600
Full Front Rs.450 Rs.650
Full Back Rs.450 Rs.650
Bikini Rs.500 Rs.800
Midriff Rs.300 Rs.450
Full body Rs.1450 Rs.2250
The Beauty Extras
These are pampering beauty treatments for those who desire enhanced results for specific areas of the body, professionally performed by well trained & qualified therapists, these treatments are specially designed to bring out the best in you. Enjoy them as a once off session or as part of an anti ageing programme to looking good & younger.
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